Don’t Give Me That Lip

imageIf you are like me then your priorities in life have a similar hierarchy: food, sleep, finding the perfect red lipstick. I have spent countless hours and an impressive chunk of change in my endeavors to find that perfect shade of red. You know the one. Matte. Thick. Bright. Won’t fade to pink in 4 seconds and will stay on long after you’ve had that first Tab. You know it exists because you’ve seen in on that beautiful girl at the car show or in that magazine on your boyfriends night stand, the one with the tattooed beauty sprawled out on the hot rod. So why can’t you find it? Well cast your fears aside because I’ve found it. The grail, the precious, the coveted red lip. And the best part is you can afford it no matter what kind of budget you’re on. Here’s the break down:

For the penny pincher with style I recommend: Wet ‘N Wild in “Hot Red” ($1-3)

For the working gal with style I recommend: Loreal Infalliable Lip Color in “Red Fatale” ($5-10)

For the girl with Dads credit card with style I recommend: Mac Lipstick in “So Chaud, Lady Danger, Russian Red or Ruby Woo” ($15-20)

For the lady with the alligator purse with style I recommend: Laura Mercier in “Poppy” ($28-30)

For the girl with diamonds in her eyes with style I recommend: Christian Dior in “Cherry Red, Warm Red” ($32-35)

I hope this guide helps you in your quest to look smokin’ hot at that next auto roundup. Your feedback is welcome. Good luck!