My name is Katie and I am a wannabe rockabilly girl. I have been married to Clay for almost 7 years and we have two amazing girls, Linnea and Margot.

Growing up, I was an Army brat and moved every year to a new place. I went to school in California and I graduated with a double major: English and Anthropology  Now I am an ESL teacher for adults in my community. I love my job and all the people that I work with. My other passion is art. I love everything Mexican and Dia de los Muertos! I have an ETSY shop where I make and sell Day of the Dead and Mexican lotteria items: http://www.etsy.com/shop/littlebirdandchick?ref=si_shop

I am a late bloomer. It’s true. Until a few years ago I had no idea about how to style my hair or apply make-up. I am now post baby # 2 and I have decided to make some real changes in my life. (Also, my 30th birthday is looming on the horizon.) The first thing that I did was join Weight Watchers. After about a month I have lost 10 pounds. I feel amazing and motivated. I want to use this blog in part as a way to chronicle my weight loss journey and also to share recipes and ideas that are working for me. 528890_524670727567443_1541139479_n


Margot and I, Halloween 2012IMG_1648

Linnea, September 2011


The whole family, June 2012


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