Furniture Rescue– From Terrible to Terrific for about $20

When my husband and I got married in 2006 we were young and had yet to really discover our “style” and “taste.” We needed some living room furniture and so we went with generic 9-11, “The Room Store.” It was affordable and the coffee table and end table looked great… for about 6 months. Then glasses were left to make rings, bottles of nail polish remover got knocked over, and a humidifier left a wack white warp on one of them. Time passed and I grew to detest them. (Like drag them outside and have a bonfire– regardless of the season.) We now have two kids and less income. I came up with a great way to reinvent the kindling back into furniture that I like. All you need is some cloth, spray adhesive, and a hard piece of plastic.


I went to Hobby Lobby and got 1 yard of fabric (per table), and a can of spray adhesive. The coffee table is huge and 1 yard was enough to cover it. The end table is a lot smaller, so with 1 yard of fabric for it–I had some left over for another project. I got this vintage looking teal and turquoise fabric that fits in with the colors in the house. Make sure you find a fabric you really love. (Thicker fabrics work better— like brocade, linen, pintuck, etc)

This can be done by one person, but is easier with two. I am going to show you how we did the end table, step by step.

STEP ONE– Obvious, but really clean the table. Whatever is on there will basically be there forever under your cloth.
Here it WAS…. gross!

STEP TWO– Practice draping the fabric over the table. Make sure you have enough to tuck it all the way under the table and get it basically where you want. Cut off excess.

STEP THREE– Spray a copious amount (evenly) of adhesive on the table surface. (Not the sides yet.) It is really smelly, so open a window and stick your kids in another room. Also, it can fly around a bit so it is probably better to do outside or throw down a drop cloth.

STEP FOUR– Place the fabric on and smooth it all over. I used a plastic kitchen scrubber but anything hard and thin would work. (Credit card, etc.)

STEP FIVE– Now spray one side. (If it has a lip and is not flat.) Smooth the fabric up the side and over. Really get in the crease so that it looks sharp.

Step SIX– You will not have a great surface and sides, so here comes the slightly more tricky part. It will be hanging loose like a sad little table cloth. You will need to spray each outside-side, smooth down, and then use hot glue/spray adhesive to “tack it up” under the table. You can also fold the corners and spray down that way, if that’s your thing.


The result?



Let me know if you try this and how it works for you! Thanks, Katie